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Soyuz, Luzhniki Embankment, MOSCOW

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Soyuz, Luzhniki Embankment, MOSCOW

Rainer Schmidt Landschaftsarchitekten + Stadtplaner

Collaboration plan for the development of a landscape proposal - 2022
Client: Private investment found
AREA: approx. 19 ha, 185.500 m²

The plot is located along the banks of the Moskwa river where was in the past the site of a historic coffee roasting plant and of a small mixed industrial-residential area. Times change and this fabulous area is now receiving a great deal of attention and will soon be transformed into a new mixed use-residential neighbourhood set in a prestigious location within easy reach of attractions and monuments of interest.
The area has been proposed - at different times - to various design offices to develop a work in progress plan. We based ourselves on previously approved volumetric studies, to then develop a series of concepts that could be adapted to the architectural volumes, partly in the approval phase.

We wanted to give great value to the exclusivity of the project and to its extreme potential - looking for a connection with the history of the place or in any case a meaning - likewise considering the need for privacy and in the same way to feel immersed in nature, despite being in a place a stone's throw from the center of a metropolis.

Sensation of exclusivity made possible by a complete overview, using local but refined materials, plants that are suitable for the sometimes extreme climate while still giving the pleasure of living immersed in the beauty of a relaxing environment.
It is a park that contains many others, without renouncing generous playgrounds, fitness areas and small sports platforms, for an all-round offer of extreme value.

Closeup on the intervention area
Driving idea with the evolving landscape concept
Solar radiation and effect on the park
Effect of the prevailing wind from the south
Proposed masterplan (Golden threads), M 1:500
A park which contains another park, which contains another.. (Matryoshka principle)
Park zoning, permafrost option
Park zoning, organic snowflakes
Axonometry (Long hills concept), M 1:500
Proposed masterplan & integrated firefighters lane (Golden ring), M 1:500