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Studio Metél' is an international design practice, based in Hamburg. Our aim is to react and interact with the surroundings, through a dialogue with the territories.

We feel motivated in the search for a unique identity of places, to create together environments in which to feel at ease. Our collaborations - most of which extremely constructive and creative - have led us to appreciate the sophistications that our profession requires, and to evolve in vision and taste.

Our Projects

Studio Metél' is particularly interested in the interaction of the visual and conceptual role of landscape and their evolution. We like to highlight the boundaries between nature and human signs, pausing to search for an adequate graphic language concept or simply an idea of beauty. The attention to detail and the choice of design solutions reveal the fundamental ecological basis and the validity of sustainable choices.
An essential constitutive element for each of Studio Metél' creative interpretations is the ecological and life-supporting component, where the landscape project acts as a macro-infrastructure, defining territories and cities, private and public spaces, and in the ability to attribute new uses to obsolete and degraded areas, rehabilitating them to new meanings.