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Haus der Statistik, BERLIN

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Haus der Statistik, BERLIN

TELEINTERNETCAFE Architektur und Urbanismus, Berlin + TREIBHAUS Landschaftsarchitektur, Hamburg

Urban planning draft 2019/20
Assignment of Project 2020/21
Development of a mixed inner-city quarter on the area of the Haus der Statistik
Area: approx. 3 ha

This archipelago of buildings - to begin with the existing Haus der Statistik - made up of new additions and pre-existing volumes has a broad offer of open spaces and urban landscapes dedicated to the inhabitants of the neighborhood but not only.
The outdoor areas offer 3 homogeneous areas by characteristics: the external surrounding frame that we called Aktivitätenband - including Platz der Statistik and the square facing the new Rathaus Berlin-Mitte - where are located leisure facilities, pavilions for alternative mobility, play and sports areas, exhibition spaces and cultural events;
The Kiezniesche which through the permeability of the spaces connect the surrounding areas to the heart of the district. These are areas with an open and flexible vocation, where there will be constant comings and goings and will vibrate with liveliness in everyday life, while remaining a protected environment;
Third, the Stadtzimmer, real green lungs of the neighbourhood, with gardens, play areas and structures for enjoying the outdoors away from the noisy surroundings. It is planned to turn rooftopterraces accessible, for communal uses, the better spots with panorama-bars, to multiply green roofs plus wide use of photovoltaics.

Diagram of outdoor spaces: flow, landscape plan, delivering/trash collection concept, firefighters accesses
Planting concept balance: existing and preserved, replaced and new plantings
Platz der Statistik axonometric view with a fair/market and tribune facing the iconic Haus der Statistik
Aktivitätenband axonometric view of great public vocation, the skatepark, basketball frame, outdoor gym and bicycle racks
Offer of activities and project structures, from public facilities (XL) to small punctual interventions (S)
Kieznische axonometric view with delivering areas, ecological platforms, gathering spots and bicycle racks
Schematic section of the Kieznische, the rainwater recycling, the green terraces and rooftop community spaces
Stadtzimmer axonometric view with the communal spaces, the werkstatt, the playgrounds and the green terraces
Schematic section of the Stadtzimmer, the water cycle and the its recovery